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Day 16 - A Radiator

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Jan. 19th, 2006 | 08:40 pm
posted by: safebox in blanketforts

Settling Down
by safebox
PG-13, 400+ words

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/Day 15/

‘It’s packed it in, hasn’t it?’



They sit and stare at the clapped out old radiator for a few moments, both taken aback by this unexpected turn of events.

Remus sighs. ‘Sirius, this flat is out to get us, isn’t it?’

‘Considering the state of it when we got it, I think all it wants is to die in peace.’ Sirius muses, grinning a little, desperately trying to alleviate this new horror.

‘I’m not sure we can live here any more,’ says Remus, quietly, eyes closed.

‘You know… it’s funny you should say that, actually…’ Sirius begins, clutching his hand to the back of the neck in that ridiculous way he always does when he’s not quite sure about something.

‘Oh?’ Remus manages.

‘Well, I’ve been talking to James recently and, well, him and Lily are thinking of moving. Out of the city a bit. To get away from… everything, really. And it’s safer, as well, Dumbledore and Moody suggested it, I think.’

There’s a pause, and Sirius continues.

‘And it’s just, well, I know they’ll only be a Floo away, but it seems weird, you know? So I started thinking too, and, I’ve, err.’ Sirius runs out of steam again.

‘You’ve what?’

Sirius turns full on to Remus and does that thing that Remus can’t describe but knows is a force as powerful as the sands of time.

‘I’ve found a house. It’s still small, but bigger than here and, Moony, we could have a garden. Merlin, I sound old, don’t I?’

‘I think we’re all getting old, now.’

Remus is silent for a moment. The flat’s never really felt like a home to him, it’s just a place where he lives, but he thought Sirius liked it, with its chaos and voluptuous landlady. And anyway, when it really came down to it, if Sirius was there it was home.

But a house. His heart swells with a longing he didn’t even know he had. Fresh air, and quiet, and maybe they could have a shed and he could stop being away for days at a time every full moon. The smile bursts out of him, taking him by surprise almost as much as the radiator had.

Sirius catches the smile and remembers why they do this at all.

‘I’ll take you tomorrow, and you can see before you make up your mind.’

‘Oh screw tomorrow. Take me now.’

‘Messr. Moony, is that a double entendre I spy there?’

He reflects, somewhat absent-mindedly, that Remus should simply not be allowed to do that to him with merely his eyes.

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(no subject)

from: glass_icarus
date: Jan. 20th, 2006 12:12 am (UTC)

eee! aww, smitten!sirius is so adorable. and remus! &hearts &hearts &hearts

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