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Day 31 - Park Bench Kiss

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Feb. 2nd, 2006 | 11:39 pm
posted by: safebox in blanketforts

Godric's Hollow
By safebox
PG-13, 1000+ words
Note: This is it, my last one. The series is finished, and now, for the first time, you can now view it in all its chronological splendour here, as part of a writing journal I've set up just to seperate things out from my usual lj. So, if you find yourself stalked by such_heights, do not be alarmed, it is only me. Various things are on there already, with more to appear sporadically, so feel free to keep an eye on it yourself.

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Who knew housewarming celebrations could last for a week? The Marauders, certainly. And with Lily as a hostess, who could resist? There are rooms for all, certainly, but Remus and Sirius had better behave themselves, because Peter is in the next room, and the walls are not as thick as they’d like. No, Sirius, that’s not going to be an option. Dirty bugger.

It is halfway through the day that Remus realises he will remember these moments for the rest of his life, these moments that have all congealed and sealed themselves on his mind throughout this week.

‘No, James, enough! I am exhausted.’ And Remus flies down the ground, jumping off the broom a little awkwardly, but with huge relief. He walks over to Lily, a little unsteady as his legs readjust to firm ground, and flops on the ground next to her and Prongsprog – he really must stop using Sirius’ ridiculous nicknames for Harry – and regains his breath.

Harry’s watching his dad show off with rapt infant amazement, and Remus laughs, still slightly breathless. ‘He’s doomed to a lifetime of Quidditch fanaticism, you do realise that, don’t you?’

‘Yes, I’ve become accustomed to this idea now,’ replies Lily.

‘Still, could be worse. Might keep him off the sex and drugs.’

Remus! He’s six months old! How can you say such things?’ Lily gives him a look of utmost horror.

‘Sorry, sorry. I’ll save it for a few years. But Sirius as godfather, what do you really expect?’

‘Oh God, I don’t know. I thought a combination of your improving influence and an added sense of responsibility might help him out. James’ call, not mine, if you must know.’
Remus makes a vague noise, and Lily frowns. ‘I didn’t quite mean to say it like that. You mustn’t tell him, because it’ll do wonders for his ego, but I actually think he’s going to be an incredible godfather.’

‘He’d do anything for Harry, you know. Merlin, he’d die for James’ kid.’

‘I know,’ Lily says softly, pulling her son close to her.

The rest of the party swoop down, with much more energy than Remus possessed. In a moment of youthfulness, James ruffles the back of his hair, and Lily smiles to herself.

‘Shall we go for a walk? I’d like to see the rest of this park,’ suggests Remus.

‘Oh, that sounds simply marvellous,’ simpers Sirius, who then proceeds to skip.

‘You daft idiot,’ shouts James heartily, cackling.

‘Oh come on Jamesie, skip with me!’ Sirius bounds back and grabs James’ arm.

‘Get off me you pansy! Remus, what have you done to him?’

‘I’m sorry, this is my fault how? He was like this to begin with.’

Lily glances over to the silent member of their group. ‘Peter, are you alright?’

‘Hmm, what Lily? Oh, oh, I’m fine. Just got a bit of a headache. Say, d’you mind if I head back to the house for a bit? Want to recover for this evening, after all.’

‘No, of course not, go and rest up.’

Peter spirits himself away, and everyone is too in love to notice how he compulsively clutches at his arm beneath his jumper whilst he goes.

James takes baby Harry from Lily’s arms and swings him around wildly – the proud mother bites her tongue to prevent herself from interfering. They pass this precious charge from person to person, and when it’s Remus’ turn he can’t help but feel awkward. He loves Harry, of course he does, but children were never part of his plan and he hasn’t the first idea what to do with a baby. He rocks the child gently for a little while and then hands him back to Lily, unable to feel anything but relieved.

‘Fancy going for a walk, Moony?’ says Sirius oh-so-casually.

‘Oh go on then – I want to explore that side of the park.’

‘Sounds good to me. See you in a bit!’
James and Lily laugh simultaneously, to the alarm of Remus, who hastily strides off, Sirius in his wake. Gradually, the pace slows, the hands join, the heads lean in. As they slow down, so does time, Remus thinks. The light is moving lazily now, luxuriously filtering through leaves and illuminating what it chooses. Words are transitory, yet somehow this moment lasts forever. A bench appears, and of course Sirius must be contrary and perch on top of it, rather than sit on it like a sane person.

They watch the leaves rustle in the wind, and Sirius reaches out for Remus’ hand.

‘I love you, you know.’

Another little part of Remus’ brain siphons itself off and drifts away somewhere. ‘So you’ve said.’

‘Never gets old, though. Just like me, that.’

‘No, being old wouldn’t suit you. That’s going to be a problem.’

‘I’m sure we’ll manage somehow.’

‘We’ll always manage, somehow.’ Potions run from Remus’ heart, through his arteries and suffuse his soul. Sirius always seems to bring out the fanciful in him, somehow.

‘I’ll never know how on earth you do such stupid things to me,’ he manages eventually.

‘Stupid things? What do you mean?’

‘Like making me feel floaty and in some sort of Gothic romance. Like making me not care about sensible, responsible things, because instead I just want to steal you away to the coast somewhere and never go back to this war again. You break my brain, Sirius Black, because you force me to be this ridiculously in love with you.’

‘Ah, Remus, always the romantic.’

‘I’m just saying. Just saying, that I, you know, love you completely and to the exclusion and abandonment of all else. Thought it was worth mentioning.’

‘Oh shush already,’ murmurs Sirius amorously, tilting his head.

‘Sirius! Someone might see!’

‘I thought I made you not care about sensible, responsible things.’

Well, it wasn’t as if Remus could really argue with his own words. He’d given himself up a long time ago.

A kiss commences, scarves and hands intertwine, the sun continues to cross the sky and peace reigns, just for a little while.

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(no subject)

from: castiel
date: Feb. 3rd, 2006 12:06 am (UTC)

Oh, it makes me want to cry, it's so sweet. My heart did this little skip-a-beat thing and alksdjfasfd keyboard smashing is all that I can get out right now. Really lovely! ♥

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(no subject)

from: safebox
date: Feb. 3rd, 2006 07:56 am (UTC)

Aww, thank you so very much!

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(no subject)

from: karla_yonit
date: Feb. 13th, 2006 07:38 pm (UTC)

Prongsprog! *is not in HP fandom, so will vanish now!*

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