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Day 27 - Permafrost

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Jan. 30th, 2006 | 09:48 pm
posted by: safebox in blanketforts

By safebox
G, 150 words
Note: I am catching up, really! Determined to finish on time, but we'll see how that goes.

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A box is placed on the ground. A wand is raised to it, but it hesitates and withdraws. The lid is removed again, and contents placed around in a circle that might seem a spell, from a distance.

Books. Tattered and scratched vinyl. A jumper, a remnant of a child’s first broom. Photographs, some years old. A scrapbook containing cuttings from comics. OWL and NEWT certificates. Notebooks and scraps of parchment.

And finally, a stack of letters sit in the middle, a sprawling hand covering the blankness, giving life.

Then red heat shoots out of the end of the wand, and the life flickers and goes out. By the end of the minute (11.28 a.m., January 27th, 1982), nothing remains but a pile of ash, spreading out over the hard grown, mingling with the destroyed grass.

Remus Lupin walks away, and the permafrost sets in. Just as he’d intended it.

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