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Day 25 - My Favourite Was Yours

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Jan. 29th, 2006 | 01:50 pm
posted by: safebox in blanketforts

Drunken Male Bonding
By safebox
Soft R for language, I suppose. 1850+ words.
Note: Running at the same time as Day 17 which had Lily finally worming the truth out of Remus during a quiet night snowed-in. See what Sirius and James were getting up to in the meantime.

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I’ve woken up on one too many floors
But my favourite was yours

Sirius and James are in a drinking match. It’s a terrible idea, but Remus or Lily or Peter or anyone else in the world, who would have more sense, isn’t around to stop them. Alcohol only fuels their natural competitiveness and they always regret it in the morning. But they’re Black and Potter, they’re war heroes and if James says he can drink Sirius under the table, then Sirius can’t stand for that.

‘Prongs, my whipped little friend, say hello to your nemesis.’

‘Padfoot, you are all talk and no trousers. I will beat you, like I always beat you. Sure you don’t want to stop while you’re ahead?’

‘Arrogant bastard.’ Sirius grabs the first of the shots, laid out with mathematical precision, nigh on throws it down his throat and slams it back to the table.

James grins and does the same. With innate professionalism, they sweep the glasses out of the way. It’s going to be a long evening.

It has always been traditional for insults to accompany each shot, so tonight is no exception. Nothing is sacred when the two are in full flow.

‘You’re no real man, Potter, Evans has you on a leash!’ Shot.

‘At least I am getting laid on a regular and very exciting basis.’ Shot.

‘That’s all you know.’ Shot.

‘Bluff, bluff, Messr. Padfoot. You are utterly incapable of keeping your escapades to yourself.’ Shot.

‘Fuckwit. I can keep secrets, as a matter of fact. You are just bitter because you’ve realised you’re committed and shit.’ Shot.

‘Actually, I think you’re jealous of my superiority in every way, including my vastly greater levels of maturity. You couldn’t settle down with anyone no matter how hard you tried.’ Shot.

‘Bloody pompous stag.’ Shot.

‘So what’s this big secret you’re sitting on, then?’

‘Nooo!’ groans Sirius. ‘I can’t tell you! It’s a secret!’

‘Shouldn’t have said anything then, should you?’

Tom, that old and trustworthy bartender, wanders over their table, nodding to both of them.

‘Gentlemen, weather reports say the snow is piling up – looks like we’re going to be snowed in. Now, neither of you are in any position to Apparate, and I’d hate to see my favourite customers on a Knight Bus – can I interest you in rooms?’

‘Certainly, my good man!’ exclaims James enthusiastically.

Sirius feels oddly fearful. This evening is not going exactly as he’d intended it.

‘Right, that gives me all night to get it out of you. Hahaha. But first, I shall go and tell Lily of our plight.’

James lurches up, and has to be helped to the fireplace by Tom, who’s seen this and worse many times before, and merely indulges these excesses of youth. He plunges his head forwards, and by some miracle doesn’t knock himself out.

Lily and Remus are sedately sitting on the sofa in the living room, sipping wine and generally looking very civilized. James half thinks that Remus ought not to be getting any ideas, but then he stops himself.

‘Lily? Tom says it’s snowing too heavily to get home again, and, err, we can’t exactly Apparate. Alright if we stay here - he’s giving us rooms.’

‘Promise to come back first thing tomorrow?’ Lily looks resigned.

‘Promise.’ James attempts to beam winningly; he’s not sure how successful it is.

‘Alright then.’

She’s a good woman, is Lily, he thinks. Paused in contemplation, he suddenly realises he’s still in the fire. Surprised, he quickly extracts himself.

He returns to Sirius with a round of the finest ale, and has completely forgotten about his words of no more than five minutes ago. For now, at least.

Time passes, or doesn’t pass, or jumps around as the alcohol seeps through their brains. They laugh fully, unrestrictedly for the first time in months as war is forgotten and a friendship remembered. Sirius leans back in his chair as he finishes another drink, perfectly happy. There is nothing like the completion of plans to make one utterly content.

James grins, clearly undergoing a similar thought process.

‘Ah, Sirius. Now, I don’t wish to be sentimental, but you’re a top bloke, you do know that, right?’ James beams still more. ‘Don’t know how I’d manage without you, I really don’t.’

Normally, Sirius would just laugh at this, but it doesn’t feel like quite the mood. ‘James. Without you, hmm, let’s consider, I would possibly be dead by now. Anyway, I would have spent even more time with my parents, which is much the same thing. I couldn’t wish for a better mate than you. Thank you. For everything you’ve done. I’m far too inebriated to really express how much it means in words that really make sense.’

Their eyes meet, and happiness flashes between them, and both of them know that this is a Moment, that is, if they remember it in the morning.

James leans in, looking conspiratorial. ‘Right. Sirius, what is this secret that you’re sitting on?’

‘Oh, I shouldn’t say,’ says Sirius, but his heart isn’t really in it any more.

James leans over and starts poking Sirius incessantly, clutching the table so as not to fall over.

Sirius somehow knows he’s far too wasted to save himself. He sees Remus in his head, looking murderous, and he starts to reason with him. I’m sorry… he got me drunk… anyway, it couldn’t stay a secret forever, and this is James. ‘We’re the Marauders, we’re meant to share everything…’ Sirius twitches, startled by the sound of his own voice.

‘Yes, Padfoot, we are. So, what is it?’

Sirius is utterly helpless – he’s intoxicated and James is so difficult to resist with That Look.

‘Alright. Let’s go with this. I swear, if you take this the wrong way, I will kill you, right now. Promise?’

‘That didn’t make sense, but alright. As long as you haven’t killed somebody or anything that vile.’

‘Course not, don’t be stupid. This is a good kind of secret.’

‘Ok, so go!’

If Sirius was sober, he’d be looking at James right in the eye about now. As it is, he’s doing the best he can. ‘Alright. So, me and Remus are flatmates. Thing is, we are not just flatmates; it’s a bit more than that. Quite a lot more than that. See, I’m actually completely in love with him, and, well, recent events seem to indicate he feels the same way. We’re, err, in a relationship, I suppose – rather like you and Lily! Except, y’know, less socially acceptable.’

It takes James a while to come up with a suitable response to this rather startling revelation – he’d certainly never seen that one coming.

‘So you’re queer?’ he manages eventually.

‘Hmm, well, yeah, it would appear so. For the moment, at least. Not that girls aren’t all shades of wonderful, you realise. But Remus is better than any girl I’ve ever encountered, so I figured I’d just go with that.’

James frowns. ‘Really didn’t expect that one, you know.’

‘You weren’t supposed to – it’s a secret.’

‘It was a secret, anyway.’

‘Yes, I suppose.’

James pauses a moment. He has a half-baked notion that if he was sober, he might be more shocked.

‘Are you happy?’

‘Ridiculously so.’

‘Then so am I. Hah, trust you to be different.’

‘Oh, you know me.’

‘Yeah, yeah I do. So, what’s it like?’

‘The same. Expect better. Well, not better than you and Lily, I’m sure. I just, really love him, you know? Have done for years, if I’m honest. Couldn’t tell you why, I just do. He’s… he’s… argh, he’s just Remus. And that’s enough for me.’

‘Wow. You finally got romantic, if twistedly so.’

‘Suppose I did.’

Eventually, the conversation move away again, and Sirius feels elated. He couldn’t have asked for a better reaction, really. He hopes Remus will understand.

A girl wanders over. She eyes them both, before settling on Sirius. ‘Well hello there! Feel like buying me a drink?’ she leers.

Sirius feels faintly ill as he glances at her plastered face and tarty robes. And to think once upon a time he would have jumped at the chance to wake up on her floor.

‘Sorry duck, not tonight.’

She huffs and turns to James, almost pleadingly.

‘No can do, I’m afraid. Both taken.’

Defeated, she slinks off, and Sirius even more blissful than before. The fundamentals of his life are now all in place. Who was he kidding before? This evening has gone better than he could have hoped.

The mood for drunken debauchery has evaporated, and they retire upstairs. As they settle in, James gives Sirius a sideways look.

‘Is this weird now?’

Sirius chuckles. ‘James, the amount of times I’ve drunkenly passed out with you… If I’d intended to molest you, I would have done so a long time ago, rest assured. Besides, like you said, we’re both taken.’

Sirius looks through the door into the rather lonely adjoining room. ‘Although… seems a shame to go all the way over there, would you mind if I just crashed on the floor in here?’

‘Eh? If you want, you mad boy.’

Sirius smiles charmingly, wobbles a little, and then trips over the bed onto the floor, to the intense merriment of James.

‘Right then. Night night!’ he says to the wall.

‘G’night, Sirius.’

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Comments {3}

AKA Amy Rae

(no subject)

from: rosemaryandrue
date: Jan. 29th, 2006 06:32 pm (UTC)

I adore your drunken James. You've got him spot on - he's the right mixture of obnoxious and intuitively brilliant about his friends. I loved No can do, I’m afraid. Both taken.

Love the drinking contest too. Such boys. :)

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(no subject)

from: safebox
date: Jan. 30th, 2006 09:56 pm (UTC)

=D Thanks ever so much!

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halfway out of the dark

(no subject)

from: venilia
date: Jan. 31st, 2006 05:08 am (UTC)

Awww! James is wonderful, he really is. *huggles James*
And Sirius really can't keep a secret, can he?

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