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Day 24 - Hole In Sock

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Jan. 27th, 2006 | 06:28 pm
posted by: safebox in blanketforts

Sometimes, Things Are Easy
By safebox
PG-13, 450+ words
Note: Picking up the thread from Day 08 and Day 13. Everything is going to start coming together in this sprawling event, really.

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Remus finishes the last of his orange juice, as slowly as he can. Breakfast is a funny thing – nothing ever happens until after it has been consumed. Lily eyes him, and James’ glance keeps flicking up to her from the paper. Remus sighs a little, puts down his glass, and breakfast is officially over.

‘I’m going back,’ he says.

‘Remus… are you sure?’ Lily asks, and he can tell she’s biting her tongue.

James looks up, and has a sudden burst of opinion on the subject, which has usually been avoided.

‘Sirius may fuck up, he may fuck up very badly, but he’ll only ever make the same mistake once. He’s an idiot, that’s all.’

‘That doesn’t mean you should go running back, though, surely?’

‘Actually, it does. I don’t need time, and space, and all of that nonsense,’ Remus laughs.

‘Lily, don’t worry. You have to remember, we know Sirius, it’s alright, he’s not some strange thug.’

‘I know, I know. This just seems far too easy.’

Remus thinks a moment. ‘We don’t have time, not any more. I might die tomorrow, and this is not how I’d want my last day to be. Sometimes, things are easy.’

Spurred on by this, he stands up and starts shrugging on his coat.

‘Thank you so much for everything, words don’t tell you how much I appreciate it.’

‘Don’t be ridiculous, Moony, you’d do the same.’ James stands up as well and clasps his shoulders. ‘Give me a yell if you need me to come over and sort him out. I’ll be having words as it is.’

Lily still seems to be dithering, and Remus turns his attention to her.

‘He’s a good person and I love him. That’s all I’ve ever needed.’

It works, and she nods before impulsively hugging him, taking him a little by surprise.

‘I don’t think I’ll ever understand you two,’ she murmurs, shaking her head.

One last appreciative smile, and Remus steps into the hall and out the door. He walks sedately down the street for a while, but it doesn’t last and his pace quickens all the time until he’s running up the stairs to the door of their flat.
He forces himself to slow it down again as he enters, and he sees that once again Sirius has opted for the couch as a viable alternative to a bed. Completely bizarre, that Sirius. He’s restless, though, and he appears to have holed his sock in his sleep, which Remus has to admit is impressive.

He moves over and can hear the sleeping soul muttering to himself, seemingly involving a lot of Ms. A force Remus recognises exceedingly well pushes him forward and he kisses Sirius, which brings a gasp into their mouths and slowly it begins to work, erasing all of their fraught words and stupidity.

At last, Remus breaks away, and it’s fixed again. Sometimes, just sometimes, it really is that easy.

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