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Day 21 - A Friend Remembered Not

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Jan. 23rd, 2006 | 10:24 pm
posted by: safebox in blanketforts

Casualties Of War
By safebox
PG-13, 300+ words

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Freeze, freeze thou bitter sky,
That does not bite so nigh
As benefits forgot:
Though thou the waters warp,
Thy sting is not so sharp
As a friend remembered not.

-William Shakespeare

Sirius sits bolt upright, which distracts him for a moment – he didn’t know that actually happened. Nigh on paralyzed with the sudden, horrible thought that’s thrown him out of sleep, he cranes upwards, peering through branches.

The full moon nearly blinds him, and he wants to scream.

How did he forget? How did he forget? He and James signed up for this particular mission all gung-ho, and he never for a second stopped to consider when in the month this was going to be.

There’s no way he can get back to Remus now, Dumbledore would skin him alive if he just decided to go AWOL, even for a night. He stares down at the snoring James and has a moment of misdirected rage – James is the responsible one, surely he should have spotted this?

But, he sighs, that is not James’ job, James probably assumed Sirius knew, and it really is no one’s fault but his own. Peter can’t possibly go by himself, Rat vs. Werewolf isn’t even a competition.

Why didn’t Remus just say something, the fool? A sudden flash of a strange look on Remus’ face as he said goodbye, and Sirius punches his side for not realising what that meant. Remus didn’t say anything for the ‘greater good’ (which is a load of rubbish), and Sirius is going to have to do some serious apologising when he gets back.

Remus hasn’t been alone on a full moon since Hogwarts. Sirius sees the transformation as though it’s branded onto his brain, and the thought of Remus being alone is too much to bear.

He tucks his knees in and presses his forehead against them, curling into the tree. The night air is freezing but he barely feels it. It is a long time before he returns to sleep, and then it’s merely punctuated by terrible howls.

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