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Day 20 - Country Path

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Jan. 23rd, 2006 | 07:53 pm
posted by: safebox in blanketforts

Moving Out
By safebox
PG-13, 500+ words
Note: Picking up where Day 16 left off, with Sirius having decided they ought to move out to the country

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‘Wow, it really is in the middle of nowhere, isn’t it?’

‘Is that a bad thing?’

‘Are you joking? Now I can be a legitimate recluse!’

‘With your very own furry canine companion.’

‘Well exactly.’

Sirius slings an easy arm around Remus’ shoulders and they continue up the path.

‘Here we are!’ he cries, turning towards a gate.

Snow is still on the ground after a series of blizzards, but the sun is shining and the house glints in response.

‘It really is a cottage, isn’t it?’

‘I know, I feel so old and responsible,’ Sirius groans melodramatically.

‘Hah, Lily’s right, I really have been rubbing off you.’

‘She said that? Interfering witch… honestly!’

A smiling man in his forties bustles out of the door.

‘Ah, you must be my two latest house-hunters! Come in, come in.’

Remus shares an eyebrow moment with Sirius at the man’s lime green robes then they traipse inside.

The tour doesn’t take long, despite their genial host’s best intentions. A kitchen, a small living room and a cupboard under the stairs on the ground floor, then two bedrooms and a little attic room which Remus instantly envisages piled high with books.

‘So there isn’t a guest room, what with you two gentlemen occupying a room each, but there’s certainly room to squeeze in the odd sofa bed.’

Sirius just smiles sweetly, and Remus has to look away to conceal a smirk. There’s a slight pause, and the agent looks a little discomfited for the first time.

‘Well, I’ll just leave you two to it, I’ll be down at the pub when you’re done – did you spot it on the way here?’

‘Hard to miss.’

‘Right, well, take as long as you need!’

A shuffle down stairs and a door clicked shut. Sirius nearly knocks Remus over as he jumps on him, excitable as ever.

‘What did you think, hmm, hmm??’

‘Sirius! Argh, get off me, what if he comes back?’

‘Oh, like it matters. But that’s not an answer!’

‘It’s brilliant, Sirius. Really, really brilliant.’

‘You like it? Really?’

‘Of course I do, it’s wonderful.’

‘He said we could move in next week – what do you reckon?’

‘Next week?! But… but… what about…’ Remus trails off, horrified at the amount of work that would require. But then he catches Sirius doing his very best wounded puppy look, and sighs.

‘Oh why the hell not.’

The invisible tail bounces right back up again, and Sirius grabs Remus in a somewhat winding hug.

‘So, you know that room at the top? I was thinking we could turn into a gambling den; maybe get some dancing girls in on the weekends…’

‘Books! Sirius, that place is for books!’ Remus visibly puffs with rage, which is exactly why Sirius said it.

‘Damn, I love it when you go all indignant.’

‘Sirius! That’s, that’s not the point! You’re unbelievable, you really are.’

‘Hmm, it may be so.’ Wickedness spreads over his face. ‘So, how about a house-warming shag, eh?’

‘Unbelievable…’ Remus mutters, but rather quieter this time.

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