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Day 17 - Snowed In

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Jan. 21st, 2006 | 09:11 pm
posted by: safebox in blanketforts

Detective Lily
By safebox
PG, 1100+ words
Note: This will be continued with James and Sirius' side of things at some point.

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The doorbell rings. Lily puts down her tea and moves to the door, wand clutched firmly.

‘Who is it?’

‘Sirius and Remus!’ comes the alarmingly chirpy reply. Lily considers asking the designated question, but no one but the real Sirius could possibly sound that bouncy, and anyway, trust him to pick a question any sane person would blush to ask, let alone answer.

She opens the door a crack. Sirius is smiling oh-so-charmingly, and Remus is rolling his eyes and smirking. Yes, it’s definitely them.

‘James! You’ve got company!’

James emerges from the living room and beams. The pair of them are covered in snow, and Lily bustles off to grab newspaper.

‘Long time no see! How long is it, actually?’

James considers. ‘Must be at least a month. That’s ridiculous. Heh, I’d make some comment about the state of the world, but my arm’s a bit bruised so I’ll avoid the punch.’

Sirius turns to Remus. ‘He learns well, this young apprentice.’

‘Hmm, Mr Muggle-films-are-a-pile-of-balls, do I spot a stealthy Star Wars reference?’

‘Don’t know what you mean,’ Sirius loftily declares. ‘I was naturally referring to the common medieval practice of older, more experienced wizards apprenticing younger ones after they’d finished their education.’

Lily returns, looking bemused. ‘When you’ve quite finished talking about… whatever it is you’re talking about, feel like coming inside so we can at least retain a little hot air?’

Remus troops in, stomping feet on the paper, but Sirius hovers.

‘Lily, I have a proposition for you.’

‘Yes?’ She raises one eyebrow in a way that James is utterly convinced will subdue all of their future children in a heartbeat.

‘An exchange! I will give you one Remus, very docile and housetrained to boot, and then take one James off your hands for an evening, because he needs to get out.’ Sirius drops his voice for a moment to a stage whisper. ‘The last note he sent had two paragraphs about the economy. You’ve got to have mercy.’

‘It did not!’ James retorts, although he soon shuts up under Sirius’ mocking gaze.

‘And what are your intentions for my James?’

‘Oh, he’ll be home before he turns into a pumpkin, don’t you worry!’

‘Where are you going?’


Satisfied, Lily nods. ‘I really get Remus all to myself for a whole evening? Lucky me!’

‘Prepared for a riotous night in?’ grins Remus.

‘But of course!’

‘Potter, grab your dancing shoes,’ Sirius announces.

‘Dancing shoes? Oh God…’


As Lily fetches dinner from the kitchen, her mind is on full alert. This is a golden opportunity to get a few things sorted, after all. Remus is the most susceptible of all of James’ friends, and she has a plan. The poor boy will have nowhere to run, she muses.

She knows, or at least she thinks she knows. There’s been many a sign for many a year, and she’s gathered them all until they started to fit together. She’s far past the shocked stage, all she wants is for them to happy, and for someone to admit the truth.

‘So, I assume this some sort of male bonding ritual thing,’ she says, as she comes back into the room.

‘Yes, I think that’s the general idea. Sirius pines otherwise, you know, it’s awfully tragic.’

‘He’s right, though, we are all getting rather old.’

‘I suppose we are.’ Remus shrugs. ‘I’ve never really seen that as a bad thing.’

‘Well you wouldn’t!’

‘Sign number 1 you’ve been spending too much time with James: you start insulting his friends like him.’

‘Hmm, Lord only knows how Sirius has been rubbing off on you, then.’

‘Actually, I believe I’m being an improving influence!’

‘Is that so? That’s most commendable.’

‘Service to a greater good, I’m sure.’

‘So, Remus,’ begins Lily, ‘how is it going, living with Sirius?’

‘Well, it’s chaotic to say the least. But also a lot of fun. Definitely prevents me from going completely middle-aged.’

‘Mmhmm. And what’s he like, as, you know, a flatmate?’

Remus’ eyes narrow. ‘Hang on. This is one of those questions, isn’t it, where after whatever I say you’ll make knowing noises and do that woman thing and confuse me and get something out of it I don’t realise…’

Lily says precisely nothing.

‘Sirius is fine as a flatmate. He’s more than fine, he’s great. That answer your question?’

‘Ah, Remus, the night is young, is it not?’

‘You’re pure evil, you do know that, don’t you?’

‘Don’t be so dramatic. Sirius really has been rubbing off on you, hasn’t he?’

If Remus had been a lesser man, he might have whimpered at this juncture. Remus curses himself inwardly for not spotting Lily’s evil intentions sooner. He takes another sip of wine, feeling her eyes penetrating his soul.

He really is getting melodramatic, isn’t he?

There’s a noise in the fireplace. A slightly swaying James-head appears.

‘Lily? Tom says it’s snowing too heavily to get home again, and, err, we can’t exactly Apparate. Alright if we stay here - he’s giving us rooms.’

‘Promise to come back first thing tomorrow?’


‘Alright then.’

There’s a pause, and then James looks slightly surprised and disappears.

Lily shakes her head at the madness of it all, and then quickly turns her attention back to Remus.

‘Anyway, you and Sirius. I wonder.’

‘You wonder what??’

‘I mean, you’ve always been a bit, well, decidedly not interested in the multitude of girls I’ve tried to set you up with over the years, and Sirius is just Sirius, and now you’re living together…’ The dots hang in the air. ‘Care to finish my sentence?’

‘Lily, I have absolutely no idea what you’re getting at,’ says Remus, as he shrinks back into the armchair. His nemesis leans forwards, eyes a glimmer.

‘You’re insinuating something, and it’s nonsense, I assure you,’ says Remus, trying to be firm.

‘It’s not, it really isn’t, that much is evident. Remus!’

Unthinkingly, Remus looks up and becomes transfixed by Lily’s piercing gaze.

‘What is going on with you and Sirius?’ she says, slowly and deliberately.

Remus undoes himself, really. On the last word, his resolve falters, and all the joy he’s been sitting on comes bubbling out. He smiles, then laughs, before hastily bundling it all away again.

Lily crows, triumphant. ‘Aha! Oh I know that look. You two have got it together, haven’t you?’

There’s a silence. Remus gapes, and Lily looks thoughtful.

Then she grins. ‘Oh Remus, that’s bloody fantastic!’

Remus flops against the headrest, weak with relief.

‘So. Tell me all about it.’

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(no subject)

from: glass_icarus
date: Jan. 21st, 2006 09:22 pm (UTC)

hee! &hearts lily. *snuggles the marauder-y banter* LOVE. and *snorfle* James-head!

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(no subject)

from: safebox
date: Jan. 21st, 2006 09:59 pm (UTC)

You really are the most fabulous commenter, you do know that, right?

Thank you!

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